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I've spoken to thousands of people in over 120 presentations.

As a classically trained singer and choral director, Sara brings her unique voice and leadership insight to the stage. Through captivating stories, Sara reminds leaders of their passions and strengths. She engages, educates, and entertains her audiences while calling them to action for the good of those around them.

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Sara is not your average speaker – she brings a unique blend of authenticity, humor, and expertise to every stage. Her influential presence and proven process for achieving success have garnered her a reputation as a true catalyst for change. Whether it’s a small retreat or a large corporate event, Sara’s message resonates deeply, igniting minds, hearts, and lives.


With an extraordinary ability to share personal stories of overcoming life’s significant challenges, Sara captivates and inspires her listeners. Her presentations are not just informative; they are transformational experiences that leave a lasting impact. Through her guidance, audiences discover how to dramatically increase productivity, achieve positive results, and make lasting improvements in both their personal and professional lives.


Sara’s impressive business and communication skills have attracted a diverse range of clients, including esteemed organizations like Ball Aerospace, the US Department of Defense, and Vectra Bank. Her expertise and mentoring have been featured in numerous books and periodicals, and her influence extends further through her popular podcast, “The Teeth of Grace,” and her acclaimed book, “Up to Know Good.”


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sara is also a talented musician, infusing her presentations with rhythm and harmony. Her stage presence is magnetic, and her infectious energy leaves every audience member feeling inspired and uplifted.


Join the thousands who have experienced the life-changing impact of Sara Schaffer’s mentorship. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey to success, resilience, and personal fulfillment.


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Speaking Topics:


A six step strategy to help you set and achieve new and high levels of success

Parenting with Peace on the Battlefield of Life:

Strategies for Healthy Parenting in a Hurting World

Six Ways to Sunday:

Bible Study Methods for Everyone

IGNITE! Leadership

A strategy to serve others with strength and agility

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