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Welcome to Sara Schaffer, your go-to keynote speaker on a revolutionary path to help you achieve success in your personal and professional lives. With over two decades of empowering individuals, Sara offers groundbreaking strategies to empower your minds, take action, and conquer challenges.


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Ignite! Keynote Presentations and Conferences

Ignite your journey to success with Sara Schaffer’s powerful keynote presentations and transformative training workshops. Discover new possibilities, break through barriers, and achieve extraordinary results. Take your growth to the next level with Ignite Intensives: immersive weekend retreats designed to empower you in both your professional and personal life. Don’t wait to unlock the fire within – ignite your path to success today!

Prioritize Balance

Achieve satisfaction in personal and professional lives by prioritizing a healthy work-life balance.

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Reach New Heights

Embark on success by embracing innovation and adopting creative approaches to tackle challenges head-on.

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Embrace the Power of Courage

Make difficult decisions with confidence and take decisive action to unlock new possibilities and achieve extraordinary results.

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Ignite Your Potential, Achieve Extraordinary Results with Sara Schaffer

Unlock the keys to achievement with Sara Schaffer’s dynamic presentations and workshops. Discover powerful techniques to succeed in both your personal life and career, enabling you to thrive in all aspects. Gain a strategic mindset that propels you to set and achieve new heights of success, armed with innovative approaches to tackle challenges head-on. Learn the art of making difficult decisions and embracing bold action, empowering you to navigate the path of success with confidence and resilience. Elevate your life and career through Sara’s transformative insights and embark on a journey of unparalleled growth.

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  • 6 week IGNITE! Course
  • 6 weekly, 1 hour Group Coaching Sessions with Sara


  • 6 week IGNITE! Course
  • 6 weekly, 1 hour Group Coaching Sessions with Sara
  • 4 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Sara


  • 6 week IGNITE! Course


Our Testimonials

Read the Reviews and Experiences Shared by Sara’s Satisfied Clients

Sara is a gifted speaker. The lessons were both highly intellectual but easy to understand and relate to real life. Truly left feeling encouraged and, well, smarter.

Shana Johnson
Operations Manager, EverWorx

Sara is a great speaker! I’ve spoken all over the world and have seen hundreds of speakers and she is one of the best! You will be very glad you booked her for your event!

Jack M. Zufelt
“Mentor to Millions” and Author of the #1 best-selling book The DNA of Success

If you haven’t had the privilege to hear Sara, don’t miss an opportunity. She is a powerful, intelligent speaker that engages listeners with real-life experiences and humor to make the message both memorable and impactful.

Jody Casagrande
Multi-Unit Franchise Owner and Operator, The Joint Chiropractic

Sara brought an electrifying energy to our Mindset session! Her insightful and inspirational message resonated deeply with everyone in attendance. I’m genuinely excited to see the positive changes my clients will make as they apply the valuable insights they gained from Sara’s session. Booking her was one of my best decisions, and I highly recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to have her at your next event.

Christine Trimpe
Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Award-winning Author, and Speaker


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Our Blogs & Articles

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