November Lights

Nov 01, 2023
Undecorated Christmas Tree
November 2022

It’s November 1st! The internet is POPPING with sales, memes, and offers. And the holidays have begun as I’ve even been wished Merry Christmas a few times already today!

Why is that?

I think because after the darkness of October . . .

  • The war in/against Israel
  • The constant focus on death
  • The earlier sunsets and longer nights

. . . we all want something different. Something better. Something brighter.

And Christmas, The Festival of Lights, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve . . . they hold a delicate promise of

  • Peace
  • Life
  • Hope
  • Renewal

I’m offering my own deep discounts today*, but mostly I’m thankful that even as the days continue to get shorter, as battles keep raging, and as the Day of the Dead comes tomorrow, we are ALWAYS blessed.

In Christ, there is always hope, renewal, life, and peace. May He be the real gift and the One to whom we give this new holiday season.


*Tickets are on sale for the 2024 IGNITE! Leadership Conference. Buy one and receive a coupon code for 90% off your second ticket. That’s TWO for less than the FULL-PRICE of one. Deal closes 11/2 and may randomly open again throughout the month of November.