Make Your Next Meeting One to Remember

Jun 16, 2023

As the cameraman adjusted the mic on my lapel, I took several deep breaths. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw the crowd sitting in the TV studio.

A few minutes later, it was lights, camera, and action! The energy in the room sizzled as listeners laughed and nodded along with me.

Two weeks later I was online. Talking through my laptop, I still felt the connection and electricity with my audience. They told me later of the inspiration and the action steps they would be taking with them from my talk.

If you lead meetings, be sure that you are sharing information through and with stories. While it might not usually be done that way in your industry, your attendees with thank you for not just dryly giving them facts.

For me, public speaking is a thrill! Empowering and inspiring others brings me such joy. I would love to help you have your best meeting ever! Please contact me soon to see I’m available to speak at your next event.