How to Overcome Nervousness

Jun 16, 2023

Is it crazy to admit I still get giddy before a talk? It’s nerves, but mostly I’m just so amazed and grateful I get to help other through public speaking. I love it!

Sometimes, though, nervousness can get the best of us. If you get nervous before a talk, try these simple ideas:

1. Breathe. I know . . . so basic, but critical! Take in deep breaths and let them all the way out! Repeat several times.
2. Feel your feet. Ground yourself by concentrating on the feeling of your feet in your shoes and of standing on the ground. Now adjust your posture so your back is straight. Put your energy slightly toward the front of your feet and bounce lightly. You’ve got this!
3. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This will alleviate any tongue tension (a real thing), and may also moisten your mouth a bit. If your mouth feels really dry, try gently biting the edges of your tongue with your teeth.
4. Make faces and smile. Don’t worry about smiling through your whole presentation, but before it begins, stand in front of a mirror and make faces at yourself, including a big grin. Nothing like a smile and maybe some laughter to break the tension and nervousness.

If you’re interested in growing as a speaker, sign up for coaching with me. More than anything, keep in mind that your audience wants you to do well. Rely on that and do your best.